Become A Dealer

Bundledealer, powered by dgsAPI, provides dealers a great way to expand existing product portfolios in the telecom and home services verticals. Bundledealer stands alone in a crowded field by offering dealers the ability to cross-compare service providers for a given location and complete the order entry in a harmonized online buyflow.

Key Features of Bundledealer include:

Order Entry:

  • Search by an address to see the offers available at your location
  • Filter all available offers by service provider, product name and/or different price range
  • Filter available offers by special offers, Internet, TV, Phone and Home Security. You can also search offers of various price range for all available offers as well as for a particular provider
  • Feature-by-feature comparison for up to 3 offers
  • Share comparison results by sending an email to the customer with a dealer-customized TFN and reply email address
  • Ability to include add-ons and upgrades to offers
  • Select installation dates and times
  • Move existing customers to new locations and upgrade current customers

Dealer Management:

  • Access all dealer management tools in a single location
  • Add and remove service providers and product offers
  • Manage users (agents) in a simple, easy to use format
  • Track installations and payouts using industry-leading reporting tools

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